10,000 Prayers Challenge

The challenge is to pray 10,000 new prayers during one month.

Challenge yourself to activate some creativity in your prayer life. You’ve sang a new song, can you pray a new prayer? Pray prayers that you have never prayed before. Don’t just pray 10,000 times. Pray for new things. The challenge is to reinvigorate your creativity in your prayer life and see afresh the world around you.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the number. There are 30 days in September. That means only 333 prayers per day. It is a lot easier than you might think. I don’t want to just lay it out for you, but I can get you started.

Have you ever prayed by name for our national leaders in the House of Representatives? That’s 435 individuals. Let’s think of 3 things you can pray for each one… perhaps that they would fear God, perhaps that they would pursue peace, maybe that they annex beautiful British Columbia and give it as a gift to your friend, Josh Flood. Be creative. That totals 1305 prayers which is about 4 days of the challenge.

The task for this challenge is not to spend some time in prayer. The challenge can successfully be completed in less than 5 minutes a day. The task is to be creative with your prayer life. Are you noticing the world around you? You cannot succeed at this challenge and continue to live self-focused. Even if you pray for all of your 2000 Lever Body Parts, you are a long way short. Start actively praying for your neighbors, nation, and world.

 If you already have a healthy prayer life, step this challenge up. Make it 25,000 new prayers, 300,000 new prayers. Have fun and write down your experiences. It will be fun to share notes at the end of the challenge, but please keep your notes to yourself until the end of the month. Let people be creative with finding new things to pray for.


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