Bucket Showers

Challenge: For this month we will take showers using luke warm water out of a bucket.

Rules: if we want hot water we will use the stove to make it warmer.

Reasoning: (From Matt Delaney)

We are showering with a bucket for the month of June as a symbolic remembrance of those who do not have running water, and especially of those who do not have access to sanitary drinking water.  The goal is also to revere God more and acknowledge His provision over our lives. We want to grow in humility as a result and be more in prayer for people who are impoverished and who suffer from a lack of clean drinking water. It is to remember that God is merciful.

Reasoning #2 (From Josh)

When Matt first told me about this challenge I didn’t jump right in, but then Sonja was talking to her friend from high school named Marika. Marika has been doing aid work in Uganda. In December an aid agency built a road over a water main and it burst. The government has decided that they do not want to fix a water pipe that will be continually broken by traffic so they have not fixed it. For many months Marika’s work has been without water and now her home. Last week she sent a facebook note about a discouraging thing that happened and Sonja and I realized that we want to pray for Marika and so we jumped in the challenge.

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