2010 Sukkot Events

Important dates for Sukkot 2010:

Festival Celebration September 24th to October 1st
(The festival is a Jewish festival so does not correspond to the gregorian calendar's weeks. I take the freedom to move it so that it lines up with Friday to Friday on our calendar)

September 19th Josh is teaching and introduction to Sukkot including the theological and practical basics of The Feast of Tabernacles @ Epiclesis Church
The Carmichael Chapel 4600 Winding Way (Corner of Winding Way & Pasadena)
Sacramento, CA 95841
10:00 fellowship 10:30 worship.
Everyone is invited to learn the deep theological significance of this forgotten holiday and discuss practical tips to making the feast enjoyable from families who have celebrated it for years. Please come.


Bread & Spread
September 29th
– 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Gather around to hear the public reading of Scripture.
Bring your favorite bread and your favorite spread. (We will be reading from NIV version of the Bible). 
We will be sharing our bread as we listen to the story of the Exodus read aloud. This is an outdoor event. So bring a camp chair and a sweatshirt as well.
We will be grilling some chicken as well so come hungry, meet some new people and listen to the story of Exodus read aloud.

We will 8029 Hazel Ave. Citrus Heights, CA


Feast of Tabernacles
October 1st, 5:30 to 9:30pm
Hosted by Epiclesis Church & The Sutter Family
Bring lavish foods of thanksgiving. We ask everyone to bring a serving and a half of their favorite food and drink. This is not a potluck, it is a feast. Actually, this is a feast extraordinaire. Bring the best of the best and bring some to share with friends. The two most important things to bring to this feast are: great food and friends. Bring both. Everyone in the Sacramento area is invited. Please invite your neighbor, family, friends.

Since we have no idea how many to expect, please bring chairs for your group.

Address is here. The Sutter's home.

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