About the Name

Where did we get the name: the well

The name is about our approach to each other. It came from an illustration by Allan Hirsch and Michael Frost in “the Shaping of things to Come.” In the book they talk about how churches put fences around “their” ministries. For instance a particular church may have their own after school ministry or their own homeless ministry—complete with their own t-shirts, leaders, budgets, etc. Hirsch goes on to tell about Australian farms that are too big to put a fence around. It is cost prohibitive to try to fence in such a large area. So instead the farmers dig a well. They know the animals will not venture too far from the well.

The message of the well is that the water is freer and deeper than we know. We make no claim to have anything that we have not received freely from the Father. Our goal is to help others dig deep. So we live a life without fences and we encourage people to drink deep.

The well is for serious followers of God. Sometimes their called: pastors, elders, leaders, students, seminarian, fathers, mothers, chairperson. We dont care about titles. We just think that people who are serious about learning and growing will share with us as we share with them.

I guess my message to these people is please don’t label as yours what you are clearly only one small steward of. The work of God is bigger than you can imagine; don’t try to contain, tame, or place your identity above it. Instead you need to orient yourself rightly to it—that is to give freely as you have been freely given. Every good gift is from the Father. If you have wisdom it is from Him. Give as you have received.

Come and freely drink of what He has given to us freely.

Are you a church? Where do you meet?
We are not a church. We are a tool for believers (both within the established church and outside). We attend many different churches in the greater Sacramento area.

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