We foster opportunities to learn essential theology within its historical context; in that, we study together and for each other the beauty of the invisible God.

July- August 2009 will be a study in Hermeneutics. (6 weeks)

About our Training

Our training will be more defined by what we do outside this class room than what we do inside. We want to blow the doors off of theological training. We have grown up (don’t laugh, we are grown ups) in a culture where “learning theology” was centered around lectures, readings, and discussions. We’re not afraid of those things, but we’re not constrained to them either. We believe that the knowledge of God transcends mere thought and our goal is to live Romans 11:36 “From him and through Him and to Him are all things.” Not just the Sunday things, the sacred things, the simple things. All things. People have looked at me (Josh) like I’m crazy when I’ve said that I was trying to learn to eat theologically. They thought I was on one of those cultish “Christian” diet plans that insist it’s discovered God’s true intention for food. Or maybe that I was tearing pages out of my bible to eat them. They may be right about the crazy part, but do you think even the food we eat is an opportunity for theological living? If you do, what are you doing intentionally to grow in it? Please don’t be offended, I’m not trying to insinuate that you are not mature already in this, but there is more to learning than being right. Have you ever questioned why people get college degrees? Why spend 4 years learning things that you will never use the rest of your life? An answer I’ve heard many times over about college is that college doesn’t teach you what to think but how to think. It’s not about what you learn; college is about learning to learn. It is learning how to study. Essentially college is learning a posture toward learning. It doesn’t matter what content you come in with, you learn because you follow the posture. This is what we’re trying to embrace in theological study. You may already know the right answers, but were exercising as a posture toward the Lord. We think there is blessing in the lifestyle that creatively and diligently orients itself around the Lord (through His scripture and people). We think the result is much better than merely knowing.

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