Tonight Show Discussion

The Tonight Show Starring… Your Culture

We’re going to look back 100 years to a book (What’s Wrong with the World, G.K. Chesterton) to look forward to a world (the one God is calling us to build) that is defined by the present situation seen around the Tonight Show in the last few months.  That sounds complicated, but here’s premise.

I talked to many people about the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien being taken off the air. What I discovered as I talked to people is that their view of the situation told me something about their world view. People fell into two categories: ambivalent or dogmatic. I think we can look at the varied opinions and see a patter than G.K. Chesterton wrote about 100 years ago in his book, “Whats Wrong with the World.”

So come on Friday night (26th) to discuss each other’s perceptions of the tonight show and through that to talk about our shared world view.

Come, eat some good food, laugh at some tonight show jokes, share your thoughts on our culture and see if you’re blessed by learning the thoughts of a man who lived 100 years ago.

Dinner and discussion will be served at 6:00pm .
March 26th, 2010

Please RSVP to any facilitator or email here.

You do not need to know about or care about the Tonight Show to participate in the discussion. However, I invite anyone to post thoughts about the situation and how it reflects our current cultural milieu.

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