I’m no longer chasing the frame

I have left this blog sit for a long time not knowing how to move it forward.  For a long time I was trying to articulate a different faith than the ones I was finding in my life and circles. I have not given up the cause, but I do not know how to frame a set of ideas around a Christian life in different words than the ones used commonly by American Christians. Trying to write about the framework of Christianity is a trap. There are not books of the Bible discussing the metathinking around the nation of Israel’s repentance. And I still have not found the scripture where God is seeking the most academically astute committee to discover how to turn the sinner from his ways. I think this framework thinking was a fruit of my pride and it is itself its own trap. So I’m tossing it on the back burner. I don’t how how to talk differently about Christianity, but I do know how to live it differently. So instead of trying to use words to describe a different framework. I will let you see the framework narratively. I will blog thoughts that seem important to me so that I can be helpful to you. I’ll go back and post some of the stuff I have been playing with in the last few years.

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