Ever give yourself a backrub?


How often do you give yourself a backrub?
Because we are used to loving ourselves through other things (reciprocally). We want a girlfriend because she will make us feel good. She will give us the back rub. Therefore we love the girlfriend, but the day the girlfriend decides she is done giving back rubs, we are in the market for a new girlfriend. This is the way we love ourselves, through intermediaries.
The church can be an intermediary for self love.

How do you see it? This is more complicated. Just a knee-jerk response I would say: Go into your first big church meeting and see what people are wearing. If the clothes on their back cost more than $25, they are probably liars about being missional. They just see the missional idea as the new mechanism for self-love Christianity. Solid Christianity looks a lot like suffering to the casual observer.
This is just my guess on how to see it, but I think reciprocal love through the organization or small group is very real. What do you see?
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