Sixth Grade Science Projects

I thought about those science shows where  young kids develop inventions and solutions to problems. I haven't seen them in a while, but I always enjoyed watching the creativity of kids solving problems. I was thinking about that the other day and it lead me to think about this situation…

Think of this like one of those challenges that they give to six grade science students. 

The Challenge: devise a vehicle to help people travel a difficult road that is described as "straight" and "narrow."

What do you think they would come up with?

 If you left it to the adults they would create a gigantic jello mold sphere with a small hard center and roll it down the balance beam. This is the contemporary church solution: one huge blob of people located ambiguously around a central leader, who leads mostly through emotional connections.

Our culture's popularity centric model is a corporate behemoth gone wrong. 

Of all the things these so-called-leaders are doing this week, honestly considering their strategy is not one of them. Don't listen to what they say, just watch them. And don't just sit outside and think that you are better than them because you can see their folly. What is your model? Take some time today and pencil out your model.

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