The Generation Gap

The generation gap is not a gap in time it is a gap in responsibility. 

The generation gap occurred when one generation saw their children living out the effects of their own sinful actions and they responded by pretending it was not their fault. They have embraced the greed within their social standing but when their children's embrace goes beyond their social limits they distance themselves from their children.  They pretend like they didn’t raise their children this way. The generation gap is the effect of treating sin like a social faux paw.

 The solution is therefore quite plain. Stop treating the generation gap like a cultural phenomenon and address the difference morally. We must set a fire under the thinly veiled greed of the west. We must address the morality of the situation: our morality.

This is a moral problem.

This is your moral problem. You inherited it and you will most likely pass it on to your children; but there is a path that bridges this gap. The path is repentance. It is the path of obedience.

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